Landra the Piano Predator:

Landra’s album “Metamorphine” was a disquieting in the air. By having a look at her previous work experience where she worked for Jesus on Etasy as an “erotically keyboard predator”; then expectation from a camp majesty considered to be high. Whereas the resulting expectation from this album was low, quiet and frightened.

Metamorphine Album’s Songs Collection:

Noisy awareness

A combination of Leandra’s plaintive voice and mixture ambience of sonic and piano; song Noisy awareness was effective but sparse. Moreover, it gives you a glimpse as if exploring of a neglected asylum. Maybe for in the darkness, there is a beauty and you love to watch it and listen to the piano for a while but then what happen if it turns down to your face makes you scream and frightened?

Lie to me

Now moving to lush filled keyboard “Lie to me” has promising effects creating a tempting proposition. The chourus gives you thrill as it makes you feels intoxicating invitations from Leandra, “Meet me on the winter side”. This gives you vibes of accepting her offering or where she wants to take you; pain or pleasure? From Sanity or towards madness? Without putting so much effort, the charm still captivating and makes listener to submission while feeling the song that builds under trip hop beats, heavier drums and guitars that throb.

The art of dreaming

While listening to “The art of dreaming” in addition to Leandra, vocals of male add a variety of smooth texture; brings comfy to ears of listener. Layered instrumentation keeps you connected takes into danger and bring the excitement high while the subtle guitars sustain the solidity of the track.

Bohemian Rhapsody


 The fractured singing of “Coloured” reminds me Suzanne Vega, by way of Regina Spektor; in addition to those trip hop beats and ‘whoosig’ clatters the continues drum machines freaks-you, proving that it’s not grabbing the enough attention on solo.


You can have the feelings the atmosphere filled with doom in “Naked”; where Beth Gibbon’s vocals are stable then Leandra’s.


Angeldaemon” more into a remix version; built using Leandra’s vocal covered by the piano. However the piano is technically so impressive that it thrilled and be listened alienate.

Song of Venus

Discordant piano was featured in “Song of Venus”. This is the sound of Bedlam. After listening to this; Leandra can be hired by Tim Burton fancies if he gives break to Danny Elfman.


Over arpeggios of spooky-piano the pacing-like-cage-tiger guitar works as a counterpoint in “Lullaby”.


 The mathematical “Pi” was more useful than this track, thou 3.14159265 never scared me much as when this track frightened me for unexpected explodes of more than five.

Inverted Mirrors of Decay

 ”Inverted Mirrors of Decay” a track that has Dresdon Dolls’ theatrical trimmings. If you are one of their fans you won’t be put-off through seemingly random piano burst. With ‘Metamorphine’ by LEANDRA, there could be more to admire about distinctive talent, she presents a good solo debut and impressively played a great piano. Yet she must not lemmatize her to one specific style. Integrating the different sounds with her convertible voice will turns down miracles.

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