I-sing Competition

i-sing competitoin

Are you the aspiring vocalist; who is waiting for a chance to show his/he best to rest? Do you have the aspiring fire in you, ready for sparkle the world? Then get yourself prepared for one of the best singing competition that will showcase your singing powers to the world. This will be the beginning of new amazing musical journey; filled with infinite adventure and a life changing competition. Form the organizers, Asian dreamer; this talent hunt will provide two way unique opportunities to enthrall audience with a chance to win champion title. So set up your passion higher and get the chance to change the world for forever.

Additionally, The World one of the biggest singing competitions, i-Sing World is an annual phenomenon where we brings more than 30 country from all over the world together and compete for the World Champion Titles for Solo and duet Category!

I-sing Vision

It helped in demonstrating the leadership through innovating, expanding and developing the vocalists, educators and fans by providing them the highest opportunities to share and spread love through music.

I-Sing Objective

  • Intentions to nurture the hidden talent of the prime age teenager
  • Encourage the talented singers to perform on big stage
  • Showcase the outstanding talent to the world

Core Values for I-Sing

Good will: display courtesy, decency and respect for i-sing members and i-sing fan followers.

Excellence: challenging singers; motivate them through recognition, awards and competition.


Inclusiveness: provide opportunities to singers and aspiring vocalist to learn.

Innovation: Innovate the new methods in singing, also educate them to learn, interact and connect with each other.

Encouragement: Embolden the community by expanding and sharing the bliss of music with each contestant.

Productivity: To maintain the sessions active and sustain the presence; challenging the participants to stay involved.

Community: Education vitality and economy of the community became enrich through investing on young talent and future musicians

Pride: A moment of pride when we proclaim that music is exciting, cool and voice of upcoming generations will listen too.

All you have to know

How to get Register

Are you the next singing sensation who loves to perform on big platform? So here is a chance on how to register for I-singing Competition in your native country i.e. I-Sing Singapore and each national level winner will then participate and stand to win exclusive prices with i-Sing World Competition in France.

Last Year Shafeek Ikhwan from Malaysia crowned winner position by winning the I-Sing Campion Title.

In continuous to basic registration for I-sing Singapore competition the Registration is divided into three categories

From regular to special to executive; costing from 65$ to 30$ to free respectively. Each registration has been made on their official website, with their applied terms and conditions within a specific time.

Steps for I-sing Singapore competition Auditions:

  • Register to official online website of I-Sing and make payment online.
  • By following the instructions cited below record it and then submit your song video for registration.
  • Sing in English language or you can choose your native language, with the song duration of 60 Sec. to 90 Sec.
  • Start the song by using the opening statement “This song video is for i-Sing Singapore, and I am singing the song…” and then continue to record the song.
  • Mp4, avi, mov are video formats for upload.
  • Video size not more than 50 MB
  • All genres are acceptable
  • One song is allowed but medley of upto 3 minutes will be acceptable
  • Video must be High Definition and audible to hear the song
  • Date Time and venue will be notified within 3 working days.

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