Are you the one who can mesmerize the world through the hidden singing talent? Do you have the potential to introduce what’s hidden in you? Then gear yourself, hookup yourself for Neue Stimmen or I can say New Voices; an international singing competition. The main theme of this competition is provide big opportunities to all the talented vocalist around the world to pursue their singing career for future. Undoubtedly; this competition from last 30 years, serving the next generation talented singers through springboard and renowned platform. Their main focus is to discover and support these world’s best singers; not only in competition but also provide long term on going assistance through master classes, seminars, concerts and coaching sessions. So guys!! Are you excited to know more about this big singing competition?

Facts about Neue Stimmen


  • Existed for last 30 years
  • Initiated by Liz Mohn,
  • Launched in 1987
  • Initially it supported young opera Singers
  • Organizer Team Bertelsmann Stiftung in Gütersloh
  • One of the Oldest and most finest project of this foundation.
  • In the beginning; this competition was only organized for the artist trained in Europe,
  • In 1990s artist from different countries like China, Israel, Japan, Korea and the United States also participated.
  • Early day’s competition was organized every year, but now Competition organized after every two years.
  • The first master class took place in 1997, and now ever since takes place in between the competition.
  • Main theme of master class support and develop the previously competed talented singers
  • Addition to master class; a lied master class has been introduced in 2012 which then continue in 2013 and 2014 with the intention to lie this event as and art forum.


  • Total of 17 competitions has been done
  • In 2017 from 76 nations almost 1430 singers participated in the competition.
  • Singers including Males up to 30 and females up to 28 can apply
  • From preliminary auditions, the jury selected 40-45 talented singers.
  • One rule stipulates for participant must already learned or performed role and must be enrolled in any conservatory music.
  • Auditions took place around the globe through professional settings in locations such as New York City and Beijing.
  • For the final round, that includes semifinal and final, Top performing singers compete at Gütersloh
  • Event in this competition is open to the public also contestants receive support from répétiteurs.
  • Since 2013, prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd position awarded to top three females and top three male vocalists.
  • On the basis of equal caliber tie can be possible between two constants for the same prize
  • For singers’ development and motivation special award and prizes are also designed.
  • In addition to cash Prize award the participants receive long term support that includes high profile engagements security, directors and agents through this platform can scout for new talent and promising singer.
  • in conjunction with competition , Symposium has been organized in each subsequent years by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, at which cultural policies had been discussed by the experts.


  • In 2001, Peter Ustinov turn-out to be the Honorary Jury Chairman and Patron of Neue Stimmen competition.
  • After Gérard Mortier let the jury for 2003, 2005 and 2007 competition, and since 2009, Dominique Meyer filled his role.
  • Gustav Kuhn is an artist director and Brian Dickie responsible preliminary auditions in the competition

2017 Winners

  • First place:
    • Svetlina Stoyanova (mezzo-soprano),
    • Cho ChanHee (bass)[51]
  • Second place:
    • Emily D’Angelo (mezzo-soprano),
    • Johannes Kammler (baritone)[52]
  • Third place:
    • Zlata Khershberg (mezzo-soprano),
    • Mingjie Lei (tenor)

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